One-to-one Coaching

Coaching is probably the most cost-effective way of developing and retaining your people.  We use a very broad broad skill-set to help people develop their full potential.  By using coaching, counselling and 360 degree techniques as appropriate, we build on people’s strengths and resolve the issues that hold them back. Coaching for leadership and employee assistance are delivered on a one-to-one basis, brief or longer-term.


Employee Assistance Many people suffer an often unexpected loss of well-being through crisis, trauma, accident, bereavement or illness.  When this affects their work performance there can be negative consequences for their team and the organisation.  Assistance in helping them regain their focus and well-being is often vital if they are to make a successful adjustment. Our confidential counselling and use of brief therapeutic techniques, where appropriate, to help them get back on track are available. For example, we have been involved in Corporate Grief Support following the unexpected sudden death of a key leader. This enabled a sensitive and swift recovery of functioning in the organisation.

Well-being Programmes  Improving the mental and physical fitness of the team brings benefits to the individual and the organisation.  Evidence shows that this can can reduce absenteeism and increase the ‘feel good and doing well’ factor. However, we have undertaken extensive research into which workplace well-being programmes actually work.  Many meta-studies from a selection of countries show that results can vary enormously between different schemes, some help, while others do not.  The improvements to organisations and the benefits to individuals cannot be assumed without the careful design and implementation we can offer.


Mentoring is also a vital aspect of engaging and developing now or future leaders in organisations.  As mentors, experienced leaders can make a vital contribution by supporting and guiding those with undeveloped potential. Mentors need training and support themselves and we can facilitate their skills through our Mentors Training Scheme.

Tools for Individual Development.

A wide range of psychometric instruments are available to enhance individual and team development.

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