What does it take to achieve excellence in organisations?

There are several management systems for creating business excellence.  Often they are extremely complex and burdensome to apply.  Actually, they all seem to rush past a more fundamental route to excellence. Quite simply, excellence is achieved by emphasising not only strategy but also by attending to the culture of an organisation. This approach is often overlooked.

Strategy and culture are quite different things.  Basically, while ‘Strategy’ is all about what organisations set out to achieve, ‘Culture’ is the way that they go about achieving it. The culture of an organisation affects the way employees and customers feel.  Just as tight-rope walkers constantly shift and adjust their balance to move forward, achieving organisational balance is not a fixed state but requires constant monitoring, adjustment and change. Excellence Psychology specialises in a full range of techniques and methods to achieve this dynamic balance, based on recent psychological research, which understands the way people think and behave at work.

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