The Culture of an Organisation is based on it’s peoples’ values.

|      Using good values    ||     To make good decisions     |||     For good business.

Why do Values matter?

Using your values to make good decisions is vital in responsible business.  It does good, improves business reputation and increases employee engagement. Responsible organisations are trusted more by their customers. Also, people prefer to work for an organisation that has a good reputation.

Excellence Psychology has extensive knowledge and experience in designing values improvement strategies and draws from thousands of hours experience in delivering values-based decision making amongst employees.

Beyond the Box Ticking…

Developing a highly trusted reputation relies on the board having values that go beyond legal compliance.  Employees must align with the values of the board, to build integrity throughout the organisation.  This improves business performance and reduces  the chance of catastrophic risk.

The core values of organisations cannot just be empty statements. They have to influence decision making at every level. Excellence Psychology has the programme to help you make this happen.

. The-DOVE-Programme-Copyright

The DOVE Programme © puts responsible values at the heart of the organisation…

  • It is suitable for any organisation that recognises values are important.
  • Develops executive and managerial performance.
  • Taps into the latest psychological research on decision making.
  • Face to face group learning to increase personal development.
  • Builds practical skills through relevant case studies.
  • Courses tailored to your organisation.

Embedding Values-based Decision Making in Organisational Culture has many advantages:

  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic failure
  • Develop strategy to improve ethical responsiveness
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Build greater trust with your stakeholders
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase performance through greater employee engagement

We also Develop Values Excellence in Business by…

  • Improving ethical strategy at board level.
  • Researching values engagement with surveys and focus groups.
  • Training your Values Champions to embed values throughout your organisation.

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