Improving Employee Engagement

There is good evidence that improving employee engagement delivers improvements in employee satisfaction and commitment, as well as reducing turnover and absenteeism. This improves the bottom line. But many organisations rush into engagement programmes without first commissioning independent research to discover the unique drivers of engagement in their organisation.

Types of Engagement Research

Excellence Psychology undertakes independent engagement research using employee surveys, interviewing and focus groups.  Areas of Engagement Research can include:

  • Employee Attitudes – What do your people think? What do they want? Discover the information you need to deliver the most effective strategy for growth.
  • Well-being Programmes – Improving the mental and physical fitness of the team brings benefits to the individual and the organisation.  This can can reduce absenteeism and increase the ‘feel good and doing well’ factor.
  • Values Alignment – When there is good ‘fit’ between organizational and individual values this creates ‘buy-in’ from employees and can raise all round performance.
  • Sustainability – People prefer to work for a ‘green’ employer. Discover the pro-environment strategies that will work for you and save money, enhance your reputation and retain staff.

Excellence Psychology Ltd has the survey tools and analysis methods to conduct engagement research within organizations and suggest suitable engagement strategies.


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