Excellence Psychology has extensive experience in facilitating teams and groups. A lively, interactive approach provides rapid learning opportunities for your team.

We have the latest Psychometrics to accellerate your team insights and leaning:

The following development areas can be covered:

Leadership Development

  • Developing Leadership effectiveness.
  • Leadership theories and styles.
  • Thinking differently to overcome problems.
  • Preparing for and managing Change.
  • Emotional Intelligence and the ‘Dark Side’ of leadership.
  • Motivating and engaging employees.

Team Development

A key requirement in high organisational performance is that teams are formed carefully and nurtured to function well.  We have several ways of helping organisations achieve high performance in teams.

  •  Team Start-Ups – Bringing a team together to establish their preferred ways of working, establishing the values and actions for the development of high performance.
  • Team Collaboration – Helping teams to understand each other better, building on diverse personalities and skill sets, to overcome ‘skills gaps’ in teams.
  • Team Skills Training in communication skills, conflict resolution and building trust.
  • Team Resilience Techniques to manage pressure, rebuild relationships and enable high performance.

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