Psychometrics is the area of psychology concerned with the individual differences between people. They enable new perspectives to quickly open up for individuals and teams that may otherwise lie undiscovered.

  • Assessment of ability, personality, unconscious knowledge and values.
  • Identifying strengths and development areas in coaching.
  • Measuring the culture of an organisation.

Excellence Psychology can administer a wide range of online psychometric instruments, and guide personal interpretation and feedback. Careful consultation to select the right instruments and best reports is essential beforehand.

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Saville Consulting Instruments:

•  Saville Consulting Wave – The Saville Consulting Wave Series offers a very comprehensive and fast competency-framework based report system for accurate insights into individual traits, preferences and strengths. Reports containing suitable interview questions based on candidates responses are also available, as well as ability tests.
•  Saville Wave 360 the all-round assessment system – greater insights than purely self-reporting.
•  Saville Wave Team Roles Insights into the roles individuals prefer to play (or avoid) in teams – useful in both coaching and team coaching.



Lumina Spark Professional Development Tool – For Individuals and Teams

Lumina Spark supports individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively together. It avoids stereotyping and provides a highly interactive colourful framework for better self-understanding, helping people identify how to improve their working relationships with others.  It shows three profiles: your Underlying, your Everyday and your Overstreched personas.

NEW: Lumina Emotion now adds a whole new dimension to a Lumina Spark profile. It looks in depth at the three personas from an emotions perspective, aiming to increase self-awareness and improve personal and professional relationships.


Margerison-McCann Team Performance Profile

From TMSDI Ltd – this delivers a deep analysis of preferred team roles – excellent for team coaching. Real insights for developing high-performing teams.


NEO-P-IR Personality

The gold standard instrument for understanding personality.  It clearly defines the Big-5 factors of personality and provides insights into personality profiles in the workplace.


Hogan Instruments

 •  Hogan Personality Inventory HPI   The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a measure of normal personality and is used to predict job performance. It’s an ideal tool to help you strengthen your employee selection, leadership development, succession planning, and talent management processes.

•  Hogan Development Survey HDS   The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) identifies personality-based performance risks and de-railers of interpersonal behavior. These de-railers affect an individual’s leadership style and actions. If these behavior patterns are recognized, however, they can be compensated by development and coaching.


15FQ+ Personality Assessment

Many insights into personality characteristics even from the standard report.


EQ-i 2.0

Discovering aspects of individual emotional intelligence – key to understanding yourself and working happily and well with others. What is Emotional Intelligence?


Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI)

Based on decision making style – develops flexibility in leadership style to suit the objective. The scenario-based approach adopted by LJI goes beyond the measurement of the typical or preferred style of a respondent – it sets out to assess how well that individual understands the importance of sometimes behaving against their preferred style.


MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Step I & Step II.

Discovering preferred ways of working, thinking, deciding, and organising. Fundamental for increasing self and team understanding. Step 1 is the basic form of the MBTI, StepII provides greater detail and insight.



FIRO-B – Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (Behaviour).

Preferred ways of relating – opens up the core of relationships with new insights. Enhances development of individuals and teams.


Sosie2 - Talentn Lens

SOSIE 2nd Generation – Personality and Values Profile.

Sosie is Pearson’s new global personality instrument measuring traits & values in one questionnaire.  Sosie is much richer than just a simple personality measure as it identifies both an individual’s traits and their interpersonal and personal values, which are important in interactions with others and drive personal motivators. It is useful in assessment for selection, development and career counselling.

Sosie was initially developed in 1991 from the tests of Leonard Gordon: the GPPI, SIV and SPV. More than 20 years of development have resulted in Sosie 2nd Generation being launched in 2011.



TalentQ Dimensions

“Dimensions is an online personality questionnaire for assessing key behavioural attributes in relation to work. It has been developed solely for use in the workplace, with the emphasis on combining scientific rigour, valuable information and ease of use – both for the candidate and the HR professional.”

“With just a single completion of the questionnaire by a candidate, you can interpret the data for an extensive range of applications. It provides a wide range of user-friendly reports to help make important talent decisions about your people.  It takes about 25v minutes and is available in 41 languages.”



ASTA9 Team Assessment

The ASTA9 is a web-based assessment designed to tap into the factors that lead to exceptional team performance at any level in the business, from executive teams downwards.  It is used with teams to help unlock potential and to help create the conditions needed for exceptional performance.



•  Implicitly: This instrument examines specific types of unconsious bias or knowledge and evaluates the probability of these affecting individual behaviour. This can enhance diversity awareness and improve decision making.


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