There is no doubt about it – selecting the right people:

  • Strengthens your teams.
  • Develops your leadership.
  • Empowers your organisation.

Excellence in selection can improve the effectiveness of the organisation quickly, and create a great culture that retains staff.  The assessment of candidates’ potential can include measuring to compare on:

  • Ability
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Competencies
  • Resilience under pressure
  • Potential for disruptive behaviours

Designing the assessment that meets your exact needs, focusing on the criteria that are important to you is critical.

The assessment must be relevant and fair, so we produce realistic multi-format tests and exercises to let all candidates display their full potential. We can also produce challenging interview questions and cases for your interview panel, suggesting the best areas to examine in detail with the candidates.

Psychometrics for Assessment

Things have developed a lot in psychometrics recently. The latest assessment instruments include the following psychometric assessments – and should be administered under British Psychological Society Test User Registration (formerly Level A & B):

Full list click here

  • Saville Wave Profile
  • Saville Wave 360
  • Saville Wave Team Roles
  • NEO-P-IR Personality
  • Hogan Personality Inventory
  • Hogan Development Survey
  • 15FQ+ Personality
  • Leadership Judgement Indicator

These instruments can form an essential part of a successful selection process when chosen carefully and interpreted well.


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